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Break Free with Jill Pollard

Aug 23, 2019

Episode 14: The Brain, Gut and Adrenals with Emily Schromm

In this episode I interviewed Emily Schromm on brain, gut and adrenal health. These factors play a big role in how we are feeling. We talked about the brain and gut connection and her discoveries as a nutritional therapist and athlete and how they've lead her to a passionate career helping others understand their bodies. She shares a lot of the science and discoveries she's made while healing her own body and gives practical tools, advice and places to start so you can have a clearer, brighter head space and body!

Emily Schromm is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, personal trainer and serial entrepreneur who helps others empower themselves by way of food and movement. Her journey with nutrition began after realizing she could use food to heal from the inside out, and her passion for teaching others how to do the same, specializing in gut heath, adrenal repair and herbal remedies, has led to a career spanning five companies and three verticals of business including online programming, physical products and a brick and mortar gym, Platform Strength in RINO, Denver.

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