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Break Free with Jill Pollard

Aug 1, 2019

Episode 13: The Art of Intimacy with Theresa Vargo


In this episode I interviewed Theresa Vargo on the Art of Intimacy, both her passion and company name. We discuss the meaning of intimacy and how we can change our beliefs around it, heal and come home to safety in our body. She shares tools, wisdom and experience in the how the process works and why we need to understand intimacy to be able to understand ourselves. We discuss our upbringing, partnerships and what influences us. We learn how archetypes can help us discover new parts of ourselves. She believes and shares that there is so much wisdom in the shadow and she invites to take the journey into our feelings and begin healing. 


About Theresa: 

Art of Intimacy is love inspired: a transformative healing practice opening your heart and restoring emotional health for a life of purpose and freedom. Theresa works with individuals and couples to release limiting beliefs, learn healthy relationship tools and bring you closer to your spiritual source.

She is a Certified Trained Coach, CTI, Master Reiki practitioner and spiritual intuitive guide for true recognition of the soul’s journey. Together, we embrace all aspects of the light and shadow for a fully integrated being.


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